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How to Prepare your Porsche for Spring

How to prepare your Porsche for Spring

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The weather in British Columbia is about as predictable as a toddler on an airplane. Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised by how calm it is and the next minute everything is a mess and nothing is safe. These conditions are not always the most favourable for owning, operating and enjoying a luxury vehicle. Luckily, thanks to Porsche’s superior design and exceptional engineering, our vehicles can be enjoyed year round, given proper care and maintenance.

As we approach spring, whether you have been driving your Porsche Cayenne SUV all winter or had your Porsche 911 safely “tucked in” for the winter, there are some things you need to know to keep your Porsche road ready.

From Winter to Spring driving

If you’ve been driving your Porsche throughout winter, there are parts of your vehicle that have been working extra hard over the last six months that may require your attention.

Paint treatment

We’re entering the season where backing out of your driveway can turn your beautiful silver paint finish into a botched, mud brown graffiti job. Make sure to keep your Porsche clean and, we recommend, spend some quality time with your vehicle and wash it by hand at a wand car wash.


Now that the worst weather is behind us, you should really change to your summer or all season tires and save the tread on your winter tires for when you need them again next winter. This is a great DIY project and a good opportunity to double check the life of your tires. The service professionals at Porsche Centre Kelowna can also give you a second opinion on your tires and install a replacement set should you require them.


While you’re switching out your tires, you should also take a look at the status of your brakes. Winter salt can take its toll on disc pads and if they are left unwashed and not properly lubricated, they can suffer premature brake pad wear. While you may be able to identify the wear and tear, this type of service is best left to the service professionals at Porsche Centre Saskatchewan so give yourself a ‘brake’ and book your appointment today!

Salt removal

Salty roads are a reality in Saskatchewan winter and spring and, although the salt does give you more traction on the road, without proper inspection and cleaning it can lead to rust and corrosion in your vehicle’s undercarriage. Book an appointment to have your Porsche thoroughly inspected and cleaned by our service professionals. When washing your chariot at home, by parking on the lawn or on a gravel surface and using phosphate-free, biodegradable car wash soap you can also reduce any harmful runoff and protect our environment.

Battery test

Cold weather is especially hard on batteries and they have a tendency to wear down far more quickly over the winter. Be sure to test your battery to ensure it is running well or bring it to the Porsche Centre Saskatchewan and our service professionals will gladly take a look and replace it if needed.

Windshield wipers

Snow, ice and freezing rain will wear down your wipers and there is nothing more frustrating, or dangerous, than trying to see out of a streaky and smudgy windshield. Now that winter is almost over, take a look and see if the wipers are cracked or torn and be sure to take a quick measurement before heading over to Porsche Centre Kelowna to install a fresh pair if they need replacing.

Wheel alignment

Even the most experienced drivers have their work cut out for them when driving in Saskatchewan in the winter. Snow and ice make driving conditions treacherous and can also camouflage curbs and make potholes difficult to spot. Even minor impacts can change the steering geometry or the alignment of your front or rear end and, if left unattended, this can accelerate tire wear and even reduce fuel economy. Don’t take the risk, and book an appointment with our service professionals today.


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From winter storage to spring driving

Porsches were built to be enjoyed and for some Porsche drivers, driving in the winter brings more hives than happiness. That’s why many Porsche owners choose to store their vehicle for the winter and then let it loose again in the spring. If this is your plan here are some things to remember when you are starting up your Porsche this spring.

Remove the car cover and give your car a walk around

Just like the day you bought it, you are going to want to inspect the exterior of your Porsche to see if there are any issues with the tires, the lights or the interior. You should be looking to see if any of the tires are visibly flat, or if cracks have developed in any gauges or lights from changing temperatures. Make sure you also take a quick look under your Porsche to see if any leaks may have developed over the winter months.


After your walk around, come back to the tires and inspect them for dry-rot or cracks and flat spots. Flat spots can be driven out over time but dry-rot and cracks seriously compromise the safety of your tires and you should head over to the Porsche Centre Kelowna to find a replacement set. When storing your Porsche for the winter, you should have slightly over-inflated your tires to compensate for any slow leakages. Make sure to check the air pressure and to release any excess air from the tires before you leave the garage.

Pop the hood

Your Porsche may not have been the only thing staying inside for the winter. Make sure you check to see if any mice or other “unwanted stowaways” have built nests under the hood, in the tailpipe, or in the airbox. If you spot any nests, be sure to thoroughly flush them out and it may be a good idea to take your vehicle to the Porsche Centre Kelowna to verify they haven’t done any damage to your vents or wirework. If you had rigged your hood lock so it doesn’t catch, in order to trickle charge your Porsche over the winter, make sure you use the release lever on the hood so you can close it without damaging the locking mechanism.

Check your battery

If you used a trickle charger over the winter, your battery should be in good condition but it is always a good idea to double check. Otherwise, reconnect your battery and ensure it has the proper charge.

Start your Porsche

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for all winter. Once you’ve completed a thorough check of the exterior, it’s time to start your engine. Flip through your lights and your blinkers to make sure the electrical system is working properly and pump your brakes a few times in-case they have become a little tight during storage. Don’t forget to make sure your garage doors are wide open so the whole block knows that “spring has sprung” and your Porsche is ready for action.

Take it for a test drive

Roll your Porsche out of the garage and resist the urge to go too ‘fast and furious’ right out of the gate. Go for a nice leisurely, 20 to 30 minute drive around your neighbourhood and keep your revs under 4000 RPMs until the oil is nice and warm.

Final Inspection

When you get back to your garage, do one final walk around to spot any leaks or cracks that bringing your Porsche up to temperature may have released. Double check all fluid levels and finally give it a good wash and your car will be Porsche Perfect for another season.

Have fun and be safe

Being the proud owner of one of the world’s finest automobiles is as much an enjoyment as it is maintenance. When driving conditions change, you need to adapt your vehicle to manage those changes because having pride in your vehicle means always ensuring it is performing at its optimum levels. Giving your vehicle proper maintenance and regular check ups by certified service professionals is the best thing you can do for it to identify potential failures before they happen and keep your Porsche out of the service department and out on the road.


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Date Posted: March 12, 2018